Founded in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, Molins Interiors is an interior design studio placed in the city of Barcelona, with extensive experience in home and commercial interior design,  responsible for carrying out a wide variety of different types of projects, such as urban living, restaurants, second homes, commercial premises, outdoor or boats.
The Molins team comprises a multidisciplinary group of in-house professionals and regular freelancers who, apart from the purely interior design aspect, cover various specialist areas such as architecture, landscaping, styling, graphics, management and marketing, amongst others.

This amalgamation of experts in different areas allows us to undertake projects from a global perspective in order to achieve integral design. This involves drawing up an overall concept and planning its development, integrating its furniture, lighting, textures and colours within a specific spatial context to optimize it in line with a predetermined objective.
This whole process follows a working methodology in which precision and professionalism are the cornerstones of our work.



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For the design of new spaces or the optimised redesign of existing spaces, following through a project that will guarantee the desired result, all within the agreed time frame and sticking to the budget.

1 /

Coordination and supervision of the project and all of our tradespeople through a single contact person. 

2 /

Creation of all necessary plans so that the project can be coordinated and carried out seamlessly.

3 /

Management of official permits, licences and regulations.

4 /

Final styling service for homes or commercial premises, essential for creating a space that is welcoming, different and totally unique, down to the smallest detail. 


A good interior design project, should reflect
the people's persolanity that are going to enjoy it,
and also be a reflection of the time during which it was conceived.

Carla Marcillas
Marketing & Comunication

Surfers, pianists, painters and designers
look forward the next opportunity to achieve perfection,
so they have that moment of glory.

Bernat Marcillas
Interior designer

If you choose a job you love,
you will not have to work any day of your live (Confucius)

Toni Molins
Interior designer

A good design is that one people say:
“how could I not think of it?” when they see it.

Joan Molins

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